May 24, the new experimental models of Ferrari FXX K for the first time in the domestic debut. LaFerrari build car-based, powered by a 6262cc V12 engine and hybrid system, both joint maximum output power reached a staggering 1050 horsepower. The car in appearance with a more exaggerated aerodynamics, carbon fiber front spoiler new design, erect like a small rear spoiler and rear diffuser, let LaFerrari compared to more radical visual effects. In the actual role no less, an increase of 50% FXX K is set at a low pressure resistance nowadays, under the pressure of increased demand for greater configuration time by 30%.

Instant speed at 200km / h, at a pressure of 540kg can be provided for the vehicle nissan 350z coilovers. Inside, FXX K is also made drastic improvements. Most components include center console, steering wheel, seats, including modifications were carried out, and a large area of carbon fiber but also the entire car with a strong sporty. In power we are most concerned about, the new car is still used a 6262cc V12 engine coupled combination of power motor is equipped with 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox Peugeot 407 turbocharger, integrated maximum power of 1050 hp and peak torque is reached 900 Nm. 0-100km / h is less than 3 seconds, top speed is reached 347km / h.