Concrete mixing station importance of strengthening the management of raw materials

Strengthen concrete mixing station raw material management, improve materials management level, to overcome the confusion and waste of the construction site, one of the important ways to improve economic efficiency. We need to do the following: First, the concrete mixing plant procurement, supply plans and concrete mixer machine price in india materials stacking space and storage management, etc. to raw materials management plan before stirring, to budget, to develop good management objectives. Secondly, the raw material to be stages in an orderly admission to ensure the concrete production needs, prevent waste materials. Furthermore, in accordance varieties, specifications, quality and quantity requirements of materials, strict checks to approach the material, and acceptance. Store the material to be disposed in accordance with the requirements of the field plane at convenient construction, to ensure smooth road, the principle of safe and reliable, to minimize secondary transportation. Then it is to take effective measures to maintain, maintenance, to ensure that the material is not reduced value. Finally, quotas should be based on rigorous and relevant materials consumed quantity control. Concrete supplies and materials in the course of inspection, supervision and team rational use of materials.

On gravel concrete mixing station recycling sewage treatment

In concrete mixing station operation, will emit large amounts of water, if not properly deal with the polluted water, it will cause water pollution, the impact on the business or the surrounding environment are significant. So concrete mixing station sewage treatment imminent! The sewage will fall gravel, then we will talk about how to recycle sand concrete mixing stations and sewage treatment! For recycling gravel, screening can be used to truck mounted concrete pump price separate and crushers crushing, secondary recycling. As for the sewage treatment then, we can first unified recovery and precipitation treatment, treated wastewater after precipitation, surface water can be secondary use, because when water containing admixtures for concrete production has no adverse effect, so then you can reduce costs. In addition, the secondary use of water can also wash venues dust, keep the environment clean.


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